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Zabbix discovery json example

Documentation in '7 Discovery of systemd services' shows invalid JSON example. Log In. Export. XML Word Printable. Details. Type: Documentation task ... The heading is '7.

Taking the automatic discovery of the monitoring Java port as an example, process: Command line acquisition results Write the Zabbix script, output JSON format Create a Zabbix client key Server verification results Web page add template rules WEB Page Host Binding Template Validation results 1. Command line acquisition result.

Are you 100% certain the data looks like once it hits Zabbix? Try making an item using the same key as the discovery and see what the data looks like. In my experience it's usually formatted differently than expected..

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2022. 8. 11. · The concept of a discovery rule, is to have a script that when run, will automatically discover groups of something on your host, or even network. For example, databases on a. Zabbix で Prometheus のデータを扱う機能は、Zabbix 4.2 で新規に追加されたものです。 なので、まずは Zabbix 4.2 をインストールします。 Zabbix のインストール手順については過去の投稿で扱っているのと、これまでと大きく変わったところもありませんでしたので、今回は省略させていただきます。.

Nov 11, 2019 · In my example, I have a Prometheus to JSON preprocessing rule to grab all data on the time a specific CPU spent in a specific mode, for all modes for all of the CPUs. Here is the JSON data retrieved. Retrieved JSON. I created low-level discovery macros {#CPUNUM} and {#MODE} pointed towards specific JSONPath.

For example, databases on a database server. Some inbuilt Zabbix agent discovery rules are. vfs.fs.discovery: Used by Mounted Filesystem Discovery. net.if.discovery: Used by Network Interface. Description. Would be nice to have a new LLD key for discovery of processes. The JSON object might include process name, user and cmd.

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